You are doing it right now.

Being irresponsible with the one source of massive energy gain, productivity, and focus you have within immediate access.

By not taking this one thing seriously enough you are subjecting yourself to a lifetime of sub-par workouts, subsequent faulty recovery due to an overactive nervous system, and a general lack of awareness from moment to moment.

A lifetime? Really? That does seem a bit much. And what is this one thing? You question.

This one thing is…controlled breathing.

And it is true – the control of the breath as a vital tool in taking our workouts to the next level has not been a prominent topic in the traditional iron gym culture.

We want to change this. We want to spread the word on the power of breathing practices derived from yoga and martial arts practices with traditional hard hitting bodyweight and weight based workouts.

There are cutting edge instructors and content out there and we are scourging and consolidating this information right here on this page for you to review and put into practice.

It will change how you train.

It is time to get breathing!