One of the hardest skills to learn on the road to optimal health:

How to feed your body.

It should be so easy to learn how to feed yourself. I mean you have been doing it your whole life. So why should it be so difficult?

Think of the time when you had a really good meal – the one where you felt that your mind and body were just flying.

And now think of how often that happens to you day to day. Is it consistent?

For many the answer will be a “NO.”

It is time to change that.

Eating is a vital part of our existence.

It is the foundation for all energy that you use and expend as you drive towards your goals.

This page is focused on providing cutting edge content and review of diet programs from around the web to get you everything you need to make the best choices that work for your body.

Can Higher Intake of Protein be Used to Assist in Weight Loss Efforts?

Short Answer: Yes, but only combined with a proper workout program and clean diet. Here is why – 1) It is thermogenic – burns calories as it is being processed by your body 2) It is less likely to be stored as fat Read on to learn more about the positive and the negative side…
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