There is no way around it

The only way to get to the lean – hard body is through putting in the work.

So what you waiting for?! Let’s work so hard and put so much time into the gym that we injure ourselves, leave our social life in the dust, and become the dreaded gym slave.

Not really- that is not what we are about.

There is a difference between simply working hard, which can lead to burnout in many cases, and working smart so that each work session pushes you forward and gets you ready for the next session.

The key to the smart grind is building in logical progressions to our workouts and interlinking the other essential ingredients that are covered on this site such as feeding, breathing, and stretching.

We are going to bring together years of personal experience and cutting edge content from around the web and present it in a way that will connect the other dots that you may have missed.

Once the dots are connected you accelerate forward.

Wake up, get ready - It is time to grind!